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YouTuber made PlayStation 5 Slim Edition Before Sony



YouTuber made PlayStation 5 Slim Edition Before Sony: Sony often launches thinner versions of their flagship systems a few years after the debut of the original console, as gamers are likely aware. If history is any indication, Sony’s PlayStation 5, which debuted in September 2020, may get the same treatment. 

The issue with this is that it will probably take some time before it appears on shop shelves. A YouTuber has already modded a PS5 to create a thinner version as the general public waits for Sony to introduce the PlayStation 5 Slim.

Before Sony, a PlayStation 5 Slim!

A 30-minute video showcasing what the first PlayStation 5 Slim in the world is has been released by Matthew Perks, well known for his YouTube channel DIY Perks. With this initiative’s help, Perks could decrease the console’s size from about four inches to under an inch.

Perks claims that to make the PlayStation 5 thin, the core PS5 components had to be enclosed in a copper frame, and the power supply and external cooling system had to be linked to the main board. 

Even if some could counter that the cooling system increases the size externally and defeats the goal of having a small PS5, this is still an intriguing proof of concept.

Although it was initially a failure, the specially designed water cooling system employs copper sheets and finally led to temperature improvements compared to the PS5. The temperatures of the RAM and VRM both decreased.

The video guides you through each PS5 Slim mod process stage, including potential hazards and early difficulties.

Would you be interested in the PlayStation 5 Slim if Sony, in a hypothetical scenario, followed a similar path with an external power supply and cooling system that provided somewhat higher thermal gains? Post your comments with your ideas.