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Top Reasons Why Hitori-inc is the Best App Development Company in Melbourne



Hitori is an App Development Company in Melbourne that has been working with clients worldwide to help them create captivating apps. Hitori specializes in creating apps for iOS and Android devices that meet their client’s needs, design standards, and brand image. Their app development experts can draft ideas into functional designs, code everything from scratch, and assist with maintenance after launch. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why is the best app development company in Melbourne.

Hitori’s Team of Expert Developers

Hitori has a team of expert developers who can work with iOS and Android platforms. Their team has been working together for years, allowing them to develop quickly and efficiently. This also allows for a high-quality experience for their clients as they can take all of the best practices from both platforms and apply them appropriately. This also allows for a consistent look and feel across their apps. Their team members are highly skilled in software architecture, UI/UX design, and app functionality. They also have team members skilled in research and development, allowing Hitori to prototype and test new ideas.

Expertise in iOS and Android Development

Hitori can develop apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. They work with you to determine which platform best meets your goals. Then they deliver a functional prototype that you can test with real users. Once the design and functionality are approved, they can begin production. Hitori has experience working with many clients in the eCommerce, travel, medical, and education sectors. They have the expertise needed to create the perfect app for your needs.

Swift Development Is a Top Priority for Hitori

While other app development companies may be able to produce apps for both iOS and Android, they may not focus on one of the platforms. This can lead to issues with the app’s design and functionality, making it difficult for users to engage with the app. Hitori prioritizes working with you on the iOS platform using Swift programming language. Swift is a language developed by Apple specifically for iOS development. It is designed to work seamlessly with the iOS operating system, making it easier for you to engage with the features of your app.

Responsive Web Apps Are Also Part of Their Portfolio

While Hitori is focused on iOS and Android app development, they also have experience in building responsive web apps. These apps may not be as engaging as native apps, but they are a good option if your goal is to save money by not building a native app. Web apps allow you to have a presence on both iOS and Android devices and desktop computers. They are also significantly cheaper to build than native apps. This can be a good option if you are on a limited budget.

100% Quality Assurance During the Development Process

Hitori has several processes that ensure your app meets the highest quality standards. They start with a discovery phase where they learn about your idea, goals, and target audience. During this phase, they are creating a rough design and gathering information from you related to the app’s functionality. The following process is the wireframing phase, where they create a visual layout for your app, which includes essential user flows. Next, they move onto the design phase, where they make a finely detailed design based on the information gathered during the discovery phase. The development phase is where they create the functional parts of the app. Finally, the testing phase is where they test the app’s functionality to ensure everything works correctly.

Great Communication With Clients

Communication with clients is one of the most important aspects of app development. This is because communication allows both sides to understand the project, any potential roadblocks, and how to overcome them. Communication also allows clients to provide feedback and make changes as needed. Hitori has developed processes and tools to ensure effective communication. This includes regular communication through video calls, messages, emails, and other means. They also use design tools, such as InVision and Zeplin, which help manage the design and development process.

Final Words

Hitori is a top-rated app development company in Melbourne that has experience working with clients from all over the world. Their team has the expertise needed to create the perfect app for your needs. They have been working on iOS and Android platforms and can also build responsive web apps. They have a process that ensures your app meets the highest quality standards and great communication with clients to ensure a smooth project. If you are looking for an app development company in Melbourne, make sure you choose Hitori.

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