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Is Valorant bringing on an Indian agent named Varun Batra



With hundreds of gamers participating daily, Valorant has a significant winning streak in India. 

Despite the lack of a Valorant Mobile release at this time, it is one of the most played competitive FPS games in the nation. 

Developers have now decided to shock the fan community with a significant indication regarding the next agent. 

A clever teaser and recent reports suggest that an Indian agent may finally be visiting Valorant. 

We’re here to share with you what we currently know about Valorant’s Indian representative, Varun Batra.

Varun Batra: Will Agent 21 of Valorant Be Indian?

The release of Valorant’s next agent, Agent 21, is now a long way off. The creators of Valorant, Riot Games, love to leak clues before every release, however. 

And now, in Valorant version 5.01 PBE, we have a significant hint of an impending Indian agent. 

So let’s examine it in depth to learn about Agent 21. Aside from that, please keep a lookout for anything we may have missed.

Email from New Agent is Important

The most important tidbits of information about each new agent are revealed in the in-game emails that Valorant keeps on its maps and shooting range. Within the firing range, Brimstone’s room received one of these emails. 

The communication mentions “Varun Batra,” a brand-new power source. Before the agent Neon was introduced, a similar email appeared and referred to her as a power source.

Our next agent is “Varun Batra,” presuming that the term “power source” also refers to an agent in this communication. 

If you haven’t guessed it, this agent’s first and last names are both prevalent in India and of Indian descent. 

However, we might also use it to describe a Valorant agent who is not specifically Indian but has Indian ancestry.

Who is Valorant’s Varun Batra?

The possible Indian agent Varun Batra may join Valorant towards the end of the year. According to the in-game information, he is a black market raider who rescues historical treasures for REALM (as per Brimstone’s email). 

A virtual company called The REALM employs agents for purposes that are unknown to them. 

Varun seems to be the next Valorant agent; however, Valorant has not yet officially announced this.

Regarding the abilities, many believe Varun will have water-based skills in the game. He shares a name with a Hindu deity called “Varuna,” who can control rain and water. 

These abilities would also be appropriate for an agent in the Controller or Sentinel roles, both of which currently have the fewest agents. 

Additionally, creators have previously hinted about a water-based agent.

The following significant Valorant upgrade is scheduled for release on August 24. 

So, when it is released, we could learn more. Are you eager to encounter an Indian agent in Valorant, however, till then? Tell us in the comments section below!

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