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Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Released



Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has been made available for PC and consoles, and the Nightdive Studios team is pleased to announce this.

Fans who have kept up with the project know how difficult it was to revive this iconic game; the undertaking turned into a labor of love for our crew.

Finally, just in time for the 40th anniversary of the movie on which the video game is based, the 1997 game is now available again.

Our Nightdive Studios developers were able to add elements to the game using our KEX Engine to make it more user-friendly and entertaining for contemporary gamers.

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Upscaling to 4K quality and 60 FPS, a current HD monitor, keyboard and controller capability, and a redesigned KIA clue interface are the highlights of the Enhanced Edition. While doing so, we managed to maintain the game’s original aesthetic and feel.

We hope that you will appreciate our efforts and seize this chance to acquire and play a piece of video gaming history.

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